The Clock Is Ticking: Democrats’ Broken Promises and Inaction for Past Year

A Roadmap of Democrat Failures on Gas Taxes

Today, President Biden called on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax. One year ago today, Senate Republicans called for a Gas Tax Holiday that would have immediately lowered the price of gas by 51 cents a gallon in California. Had Democrats worked with Republicans to implement that relief one year ago, the average driver who uses 1,200 gallons a year would have saved more than $600.

Senate Republicans have released a roadmap of broken promises and failures on gas taxes that proves Democrats are more talk than action. 

“Talk is cheap. Democrats pay lip service to helping California drivers but do nothing. Senate Republicans have been consistently in favor of getting drivers immediate relief,” said Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita). 

“Californians are rightfully mad. They want relief now, and cutting the gas tax is the quickest way to make that happen. Holding a ‘CYA’ press conference to announce a select committee that will just sit around and talk about gas prices until October doesn’t do much.”

Senator Wilk pointed to bipartisan support for Gas Tax Holidays across the country as an example that this is a pragmatic solution California should take on. The latest being President Biden, who stated that he is considering ordering a suspension of the federal gas tax, which would lower gas prices by 18.4 cents per gallon. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen even said suspending the gas tax could be a good countermeasure to inflation. 

“The President and the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury see the benefits. Why are Sacramento Democrats so resistant to providing immediate relief? It’s not rocket science,” Wilk said. 

To illustrate the failures of Democrats on gas taxes, Senate Republicans created a Roadmap of Democrat Failures on Gas Taxes. Click here to view the website.