Thank Capitol Democrats for Higher Gas Taxes Today

A Roadmap of Democrat Failures on Gas Taxes

With plenty of opportunities to give California drivers relief from high gas prices this summer, Legislative Democrats refused to act to suspend the state gas tax. Even worse, due to their inaction, the state gas tax increased 5.6% TODAY. 

“I hope you filled up your tank yesterday for the 4th of July weekend, because as of today, your price at the pump went up. Legislative Democrats, through their inaction, let an increase to gas taxes go into effect today,” said Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita). “While millions of Californians struggle to budget for higher fuel costs, the Democrat majority sat back and watched gas taxes increase. 

“President Biden understands the value of suspending the gas tax, yet Sacramento Democrats and this governor are tone deaf to their party’s leader and our pain at the pump.”

Senator Brian W. Jones (R-Santee) gave Senate Democrats another chance to consider gas price relief with an amendment to fund a gas tax holiday. Once again, Democrats ignored the Republican effort leaving California drivers paying $6.26 for a gallon for gas - nearly two dollars more than the national average. 

“There is an addiction to spending in Sacramento. If a multi-billion dollar budget surplus doesn’t inspire Democrats to give taxpayers a break, it’s pretty obvious spending won’t be controlled without an intervention,” concluded Wilk. 

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