Leading Our Economy Forward

Working to make California a great place for people to create their own, unique success story.

Providing Opportunity
While unemployment numbers have declined, there are still many who are jobless. By prioritizing career technical education programs and job re-training we can educate and prepare individuals to be career-ready. And hiring tax credits reward employers who invest in those career-ready students, including our veterans and people on public assistance. By linking these programs together, we can provide jobs, growth and real opportunity for people and communities needing them most.

Getting the New Economy Right
California continues to be at the center of climate policy discussion and it is important that we get it right. We cannot ignore the impacts and costs to Californians. Republicans share in the goals of clean air and reduced emissions, and support reasonable means to achieve these goals. The Golden State has long been the center of technology and innovation, and with policies to promote continued discovery we can create a healthier economy and environment.

Making Government Work for California
Regulations shouldn’t be obstacles to success. Government rules should be clear, consistent, and fair. Eliminate duplication and improve responsiveness and transparency. Make government more efficient and lower costs of compliance. That’s how we’ll help businesses thrive and grow.

Helping Working Californians
Republicans want to help hard-working individuals reach their goals. With a focus on programs that foster job creation, develop our workforce, and support small businesses, Californians can succeed. Making sure low-income workers know about the Earned Income Tax Credit and ensuring all children equal access to a quality education will assist greatly.

Protecting our Legal Foundation
Carefully developed laws are the foundation that protects Californians and our natural resources. They help make our state a healthier place to live and raise a family. We must make certain that our laws are applied for their intended purposes, not abused and exploited.

Protecting Employees and Employers
While positive things are happening in the workers’ compensation system due to reforms, we know that California’s approach to workers’ compensation is among the most expensive in the nation. Republicans are keeping a vigilant eye on costs and stand ready to fight for any additionally-needed reforms.

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